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Will Catalonia become an Independent Country?

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Oct 24, 2017 in Politics & Government ✌ by Dan (5,338 points)


8 Answers

TheOtherTink Oct 24, 2017

Not if the central government in Madrid can avoid it.

Central governments don't like provinces breaking away, especially rich provinces.

Marianne Oct 25, 2017

Catalonia is a very rich region, compared to other Spanish regions, but they "pay more than they can get",  if considering how the financial crisis has ruined Spain's economy and its ecological balance.

But the problem is that the European Union will not back Catalonia

It reminds, somehow, of the case of Northern Italy, only with the difference that their Northern League attacks the Euro and the EU:

Rooster Oct 25, 2017

Sure looks like they want to but the Spanish government is sure going to fight it.

Can Catalonia declare independence from Spain? | World news | The ...

Virginia Oct 25, 2017

Dan I have been kinda following this one; I wish Catalonians could make their own choice, but it looks doubtful. Spain seems quite repressive here.

And apparently, there are many Catalonians who DO wish to stay with Spain, but in that election those are the voters who stayed home, only the secessionists came out to vote.

Korvo Oct 25, 2017

I do not think Spain will allow it. There is too much to lose.  They will try to find a way to keep the natives happy and make them forget about independence.

Kninjanin Oct 27, 2017

Catalonia will become independent when Spain and UN recognize independence. Many UN members have problems with their regions, provinces, and states.

Dan Oct 27, 2017
Fuzzy Corona Nov 17, 2017

I hope so

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