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I remember as a young child, we had a TV (maybe 1952) and I would watch her movies just entranced at her beauty...and she is still considered by some to be the most beautiful actress ever! 

Born 1914 in Vienna, to Jewish parents...she was in the USA during the Holocaust, and in the war effort she helped entertain Allied soldiers. But she was also intellectually brilliant, she invented a way to guide torpedoes electronically so the signal could not be intercepted or blocked by enemy transmissions.

And now, even today that invention is essential in your mobile phones to keep them from getting interference with each other! Her life was not very happy...six failed marriages...but I watched one of her movies on YouTube, just to remember her...


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It's ironic that her birthday was Nov 9, the same day as the Beer Hall Putsch, commemorated on stamps from 1935.


"Gedenke des 9. November 1923!"  =  Remember the 9th of November, 1923!

Virginia TheOtherTink

Other Tink, I looked up the Beer Hall Putsch...Wikipedia has an informative summary; I had not realized its importance to Hitler.


Extremely beautiful and talented woman. I've seen a couple of her movies and just stared at her beauty! 


Virginia Rooster

Rooster, I read that she actually DID sue over this parody of her name...I had forgotten the role was played by Harvey Korman!


Yes, we heard much about Hedy Lamarr.

Well, I remember especially Samson (Victor Mature) and Delilah (Hedy Lamarr - and Angela Lansbury was there too), but that was long ago.

And yes, Rooster, I was wondering (long ago), if the fiction character "Hedley Lamarr" had been inspired by Hedy Lamarr ...

Indeed, there was the Beer Hall or Munich Putsch in 1935 - thank you, T(h)ink, for reminding us.


Virginia Marianne

The role of Delilah was an important one to her career, which I learned from a YouTube documentary of her life, Marianne.

Marianne Marianne

Lol, yes, Virginia, they mentioned Hedy Lamarr with other famous actresses and actors in several documentaries here, and I had the occasion to see the movie "Samson and Delilah" on TV, but as said, that was rather long ago.

Virginia Marianne

Marianne, here is the movie that reminded me of her beauty, her talent...it's very psychological...quite accurately done for 1946 I thought!

TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne, it was these stamps that were issued in 1935, the (failed) Putsch itself was in 1923.

And as for Samson and Delilah,

Marianne Marianne

Oh yes, T(h)ink, I remember Peter, Paul and Mary!



Marianne Marianne

Virginia, I checked at once, this movie is interesting indeed; it reminded me of several tragic thrillers of this kind.

It is not the same story, of course, but I have been thinking of a thriller, which inspired Hitchcock:


and, of course, of:


TheOtherTink Marianne

:) <3

Virginia Marianne

Marianne, I recall as a young child maybe eight years old, I was just entranced by THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. It is prolly a film noir...pretty certain it is...anyway I loved it!

Marianne Marianne

T(h)ink: hugs!


Marianne Marianne

Lol, Virginia, but, but ... such movies are not for 8 years old kids.



Virginia Marianne

Ha ha that is true Marianne, but you know what? At that time there was still censorship in the USA, the so-called "Hays Code." So while the gruesome implications were very intense, a little kid still did not have to actually watch all the gory details...it's one reason I still like the old films noir; you can learn about lots of the ugly foibles of humankind without all the nauseating violence...  :O  ;) :D  <3


Marianne Marianne

Lol, Virginia - yes; after all, quite a few great classics (including popular cartoons) were not censored and, actually, not so good for children. But children are attracted to forbidden things ...


Virginia Marianne

Oh Marianne, I had forgotten the brouhaha over cartoon violence...I myself did not watch them much as a child. However, the effects on the children unknown, but prolly not wholesome.

Are you familiar with the work of Rudolph Steiner, is he well known in Europe? Here in the USA, there are even schools based on his teachings; and I recall there is some questioning of the use of fairy tales in their original form. The original forms are closest to the archetypes he was trying to access in the curriculum, but VERY violent in their original uncensored forms!

* * *

Steiner I find very interesting. His biodynamic farming has been used for producing food for cancer patients, with benefits claimed from the superb nutrition.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Virginia, I suppose that you are referring to:




Actually, his methods were, partly, useful, but certain elements were controversed.

Virginia Marianne

Yes, Marianne, that is it! You have reminded me...I had forgotten he originated the Waldorf schools, as well as the term anthroposophy...I studied some of his work for a while, when I was busy exploring life, but for me it was not a lasting interest...

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Virginia, actually, you reminded me - lol.



Her parents names were Emil and Gertrude Keesler

Virginia Echooos

Echooos! So nice to see you, when you are able to pop in occasionally...yes, those classic names of Old Europe, her parents. And if I recall, her own given name was "Hedwig," from which came the nickname Hedy...

Echooos Echooos

Nice to see you to Virginia. :)