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I realized that the best solution to share content and thoughts is creating my own websites. Someone who found one of my blogs offered me a work on a project. I contact him and trust him. No one from social networks have never offered me nothing (if I don't count scams and  spam). Relationships on social networks are virtual. After I left Facebook, almost none of my Facebook friends do not contact me.

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I think you're correct! Create your own website as you see fit ! You know you're safe if you're in control of the content. As much as you're into this? I think that's a good idea.

I was going to build a nice one after I left blurtit but I waited a couple of months and never heard from any of those people, so I decided not too. Best decision I ever made as I got tired of the drama.

Go for it and I wish you the best of luck!

Virginia Rooster

Rooster I will never really understand that, I think. People loved you SO much on Blurt, and I do think that was authentic, as much as possible. Maybe there is less loyalty to Internet friendships than face-to-face???

idk...just strange.

Kninjanin Rooster

Web hosting services have better features than social networks. There is no fake friendships. I can delete spam comments and drama.

Rooster Rooster

@Virginia: They all liked me when I was of use to them but as soon as I left as a mod? Never heard anymore from any of them. So I'm not one for big time internet friendships. Especially after the last episode of childish name calling after so long. The people on here are the nicest I've met online.


I like your idea, Kninjanin! I had a website for a while on a topic of interest to me, and I enjoyed it very much...eventually however, found that I did not really want to make all the time needed to keep it up...


Like Rooster and Virginia said.  :)


Yes, virtual relationships are not so easy as they appear; also in real life, it takes time, patience, open-mindedness, discretion and respect to know other people - and on-line, you can't talk about too personal matters.

Furthermore, like in real life, having too many friends leaves little time for true relationships, as the quantity will never replace the quality.

But on the other hand, you can find "real pearls" among made-up images (or "fake jewels"), discover valuable links, useful contacts, opportunities, and people like you.

Creating your own website is a good idea, provided that you like this activity, can use your skills, have enough time and can keep control over it - but I am repeating what our friends here are saying.

And don't forget your health:


Fuzzy Corona

The problem with that is finding ways to promote your website. 

Kninjanin Fuzzy Corona

I promote my website on Twitter. The best way to promote a website is adding to google and bing.