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While I was using Facebook, I was contacting some people I know. They didn't accept my friend requests. They didn't send any message. I don't know their reasons. Does it happen to you on social networks?

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I don't know why they refused your friend requests, but I never joined Facebook, so I really have no idea how common this is there.  It does seem quite rude that someone you know would behave in this way.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

It is happened to me several times.


Yes, it happens, as confusions, same names, or identity theft also happen on Facebook.

You ought to make sure that your friend requests went to the right persons, and it might be useful to inform them first about your intention. Additionally, some users are not often on Facebook or can't follow up with a too big number of friends.

Kninjanin Marianne

When I see that they don't contact me, I stop contacting them. If someone don't like me, I do not pay attention on him/her.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Kninjanin, there is no need to insist. Sometimes, you need to be patient. And if you have too many friends, it will be difficult to follow up with all of them.


Although not a Facebook user? I've seen this a lot on Q&A and Opinion sites. Especially if you're a mod or something. Good buddies while they have a use for you but don't bother with you otherwise. I've been through this a few times now and rarely if ever have any contact with people that I've met and talked to on websites. Something you just need to get used too, my friend. It's not like real life where you meet a true friend. It's the Internet and half the time, you don't know if you're really talking to a guy or girl. Trust me, I've heard some good ones too. I think Internet friendship generally stays on the Internet. I have just two Internet friends I stay in touch with after all these years. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Kind of hurts your feelings at first but that goes away just as they do.

Kninjanin Rooster

It is true.

Echooos Rooster

I agree with you 100% Rooster, it's the internet and just because you don't talk for a few months doesn't mean you're still not friends.


Kninjanin, as you know I was on FaceBook for a while but then deleted my account. Mostly it was because of the hacking, but also at least one friend got upset because I did not respond to something she did to contact me. 

However it was not purposeful, it was that I did not understand what was going on. I still don't understand...but we had worked together in real life and I liked her, but she never forgave me, and I still don't understand what happened!

So I rarely take anything on the Internet too seriously. I have a few friends I met online and I hope I will always keep in touch with them, otherwise I just don't worry about it.