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North Korean Sgt. Oh, shot many times in the back as he risked his life recently making a successful escape to South Korea...only 24 years old and had TB and intestinal worms along with other ill health...yes, there have been a few defectors to Communism but for the most part I think this statement is true; "they only run in one direction"...toward freedom, capitalism.

For the moment I am contemplating the possibility that capitalism as an economic system is unsustainable, it does not work well enough, it has too many crashes and exploitation and homeless and starving and other bad stuff. As this article states, (freedom) is a necessary but insufficient condition for human flourishing.   http://freebeacon.com/columns/the-call-of-freedom/

Well, I don't know where we humankind can go from here but I do think about all this a lot, and now just putting down some thoughts (again) to see what other thoughts my poor weary confreres on SOLVED might come up with?

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An interesting article, Virginia, and you are raising the question of freedom and equal rights.

These paragraphs are illustrating some of the reflections of the author of the article about North Korean Sergent Oh and his flight towards "freedom":

" For it has become fashionable, on both left and right, to downplay or ignore or deprecate the idea of freedom, to blame individualism, self-determination, and choice for inequality, pollution, corruption, immorality, decline, and other tragic aspects of the human condition. The fact that all of these pathologies flourish in autocratic, socialist, and communist societies as well as in our own seemingly escapes the notice of the intellectual critics of freedom."

"It's the same old battle. We met it under the name of Hitlerism; we met it under the name of Kaiserism; and we have met it back through the ages in the name of every conqueror that has set upon a course of establishing his rule over mankind."

Sadly enough, history tells since long that totalitarianism, theocracy and fanatism are the very basis of "unfreedom", whatever the system, and that revolutions, as much as wars, generate, in most cases, despots, terror, crimes and oppression.

But freedom has limits, as soon as your ambitions or privileges violate the very existence of "your next", and it involves also "moral" and "material" responsibilities, proper education, duties, respect for others and for oneself, the readiness to learn further, compassion, ...



By the way, they seem to forget about the women's conditions - as ever ... :O:ermm::'(:angel::D 
Virginia Marianne

Oh Marianne, what wonderful reminders...and your link too; I have not read THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, but some years ago really enjoyed THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz. I may just lift that graphic and keep the list of four on my desktop...it was wonderful to see again those wise words, "Don't take anything personally."

And yes the status of women, even under the relative freedom of capitalism...really REALLY takes us humankind a long time to fully address THAT!

Marianne Marianne

Lol, Virginia, I am lagging behind everything; I had to go through short versions, summaries, analyses and comparisons and "re-reading", as I can hardly follow up with my own matters. My head is buzzing.


But, I found something to share - it could also refer to the long struggle for freedom - well, a bit more freedom:


Virginia Marianne

Marianne, that was hilarious! I have never watched much Laurel and Hardy, but this truly shows their comic genius, I thought...it was wonderful!

Sounds like your computer crash was really a BIG one, so sorry!!! :(  :sick:  <3

Marianne Marianne

Lol, Virginia - yes, I like these good old slapstick movies.:)<3

As to the crash, it was not a big one, but texts went lost with links ...



A little too deep for me early in the morning but I will say that soldier ran to the South because it's prosperous and free.

Communism is trash to me as it virtually destroys the individual mind of free thinking.

Capitalism has many faults and seems to keep bouncing back up. It's biggest draw? Freedom!

I don't know what else could replace it nor would the vast majority of the people.

Virginia Rooster

Thanks for thoughtful answer Rooster, I certainly do agree even though I keep hoping something better will come along! Communism has certainly been terrible.

Stories such as this young man really tear one's heart.


I agree that we certainly could do with something better, but we haven't found it yet. Corrupt politicians are no better than corrupt capitalists, and in certain respects worse.  Corrupt politicians can prolong their stay in office by raising taxes and/or misusing police power, so capitalists can go out of business more easily than governments can.

I once wrote a limerick for a nihilist who proclaimed all systems of government to be equally bad.

  A nihilist said, on the run,

"Those isms are all the same, hun."

  That's NO explanation

  Why expat migration

  Is westward, 100 to 1.

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, another marvelous limerick of yours! Just love it, a real talent of yours...I may post another Q on this topic...something about do we settle for capitalism just because it is the best there is so far, or do we keep looking for something we cannot even imagine as of yet?

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

No, Virginia, we should always look for something better, BUT... we must never again be sidetracked for 100 years and at the cost of 100 million lives by a monstrosity like communism.  :'(

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, the 20th century DID have its problems...bloody ones...