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Youtube, usually


To be honest? I generally don't listen to music from websites! I love my Bose Wave system! What a great sound it has!



Like Rooster said. 

And I rarely stream radio broadcasts from websites either.


When I receive links or compare links (often YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.), I'll listen sometimes to music on known and less known websites, and, of course on several of our broadcasting channels.


Kninjanin, I used to listen to classical music on Sky.fm while I did my exercises, but then they upgraded their website and my old computer can no longer access it! I cannot get classical King.fm on my radio, so now I make do with National Public Radio...it's okay...


Amazon Prime and Youtube.


I listen to music on SoundCloud, Jamendo, Deezer and Youtube. There are many websites and applications where you can listen to radio (Shoutcast, Internet Radio, Radio Tuna...).


This is an old question but Iʻm going to revive it.  I listen to music Iʻve downloaded to my computer, iPod and iPad.  One day when my iPodʻs battery was low I attached an old walkman (thatʻs cassette tapes - not even cdʻs or vinyl!!) to the same speakers.  I had forgotten the difference in sound quality over MP3 music.  It was amazing.  Itʻs possible young people today have no idea what music can and should sound like.  

(concerts donʻt count - we had those in the "old" days too)