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Large websites like Facebook and YouTube are planning to hire many more moderators to police their content.


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Oh yes, T(h)ink, it is a pleasant, nice website.

It is really saddening how big companies and corporations - and now the Internet websites promote low salaries and poor working conditions and keep away from every responsibility. 


It's very pleasant here! This is my sanctuary site and I enjoy the people here. Large websites just seem to nothing but drama and people being nosy about others. Not here! I like all that come here and the pleasant conversations and am impressed with the education and values of the people here. I'm not College educated like most of you, so I'm a little behind but I came through the school of hard knocks and have travelled the world almost. My smarts are in pretty much other things but I'm not totally dumb either! LOL. Out of all the sites and social media sites? This one far surpasses them because of the people here! People I truly enjoy!

Marianne Rooster

Lol, Rooster, you are not lagging behind - your knowledge is remarkable and your education is much better than that of many high ranking people or celebrities, with "tons" of degrees or diplomas.

TheOtherTink Rooster

Glad you enjoy your "safe space" here, Rooster, and I don't mean the kind they have at Berkeley.

And you have plenty of education of a very valuable kind, not the sort that one often finds among the pompous academic fools that proliferate on college campuses. :)

Virginia Rooster

Rooster, interesting post...I recall it took me about twelve years to finish college, I was SO determined! However, I recall thinking when I got the diploma, that the main thing I learned in college is that college was a waste of time...

My hard-won education did not teach me to think well, nor to understand...but I recognize those qualities in people now, and that is what I look for.


Facebook delete posts that moderators find inappropriate. Some people complain about it.


Interesting article, O'Tink...opened easily on my old laptop! The title, "The Basic Grossness of Humans," is something of a quandary for me...because I also have been surprised at the apparently base level of our common denominator. 

However, growing up in 1950's logging community, definitely working class basic survival, I would have expected that would be at a relatively low level of refinement but now I see we were not! Maybe it was just the small size of the community? But there was nothing of the grossness that seems so prevalent over the Internet...

* * *

Anyway, I used to have a dream of the Internet as a route for people to learn from each other worldwide, to bring out the best in ourselves...moderated by people like Rooster, Angela Anthony and SherryA (from Ask.com) and yes, that does seem to be happening small-scale here on SOLVED, it's a lovely site!

Fuzzy Corona

It could use a few less tumbleweeds