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People from Southeastern Asia

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Jan 15 in Other - Entertainment by Kninjanin (3,588 points)

3 Answers

Rooster Jan 16

Very good video Kninjanin! After living with those people almost nine years? I think they're wonderful peace loving people.

Marianne Jan 15

An excellent reminder, Kninjanin! :)

The video is interesting, and here's some written info to deepen into the theme (check also the references and recommended links).


I hope that Dan will have the time to share some precious info.

TheOtherTink Jan 15

Suyanto Tirta should also be able to tell us a lot.  :)

Oh yes, T(h)ink, and I just sent him a message. :)

He has, though, some sad news too, resp. a video about an accident in Djakarta.

He did not answer yet.

I'll try again.

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