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How much earnings does a person needs for a comfort living at your location?

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Jan 18 in Arts & Humanities by Dan (5,338 points)

How much monthly earnings does a person need for a comfortable living at your location?

I mean for basic needs. (After crossing how much monthy earnings, it becomes luxurious?)

Are both husband and wife earns there (or) the family is run by the earnings of a single parent? (mostly)

4 Answers

Marianne Jan 18
Kninjanin Jan 18

It depends of someone's wishes. Some people are unsatisfied with 100 000 dinars (1000 euros). They spend too many money on their phones, cable TV, internet, cars, doctors, cigars, travel... I am satisfied with 500 euros. I don't use phone too much, don't like to drive a car, don't smoke, don't visit doctor often. 

TheOtherTink Jan 18

In my location, at least $3,000/month for a single person, much more if you have a family.

Rooster Jan 19

Haven't gotten all my bills yet for my new house as it's being updated but I figure about the same as Tink if I had a house payment, which I do not. By next month? I should have a better idea. But between $2500.00 and $3000.00 is about right if you include groceries and such.

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