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Some Drama In Virginia's Life?

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Jan 19 in Society & Culture by Virginia (7,565 points)

Thanks to sweet Marianne for asking after me...lots of crime now at the low-income apts. where I refuses to acknowledge it is happening, so we are struggling.

The oldest and most frail tenants are on the lower tier of apartments, and all doors on both tiers are exposed, vulnerable to break-in. LOTS of stolen gas, auto break-ins, even auto theft from our grounds.So several of the strongest tenants patrol now through the night, trying to ward off thieves and scoundrels, us little old ladies (plus a male amputee) with our bright flashlights and loud whistles!

I am exhausted, very stressful too; and still trying to keep up with the volunteer work I do, plus attempting to break through the barriers of management about the crime. Management refuses to spend money for motion-activated lights or cameras or anything else to protect frail and vulnerable precious old people, and again I am horrified that this kind of neglect may be part of a nationwide pattern now.

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Dan Jan 19

Here in India, most bank ATMs before used to have a security guard. But now very few ATMs have security guards because the banks have to spend more money for the salary of security guards than the ATM robbery which takes place rarely.

Virginia Dan Jan 19

Dan, that is a frightening example, and quite typical I am afraid; the money is the criterion, and not the safety.

Marianne Jan 19

That is chilling, Virginia! I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties.

Sadly enough, this pattern remains wide-spread, in many parts of the world, also in the richest countries - though, too often unreported.

My thoughts are with you.

Which organisations on your side can you trust?

Virginia Marianne Jan 19

Marianne, so far the mayor and city council of our town have tried to help us. They have even written a letter to the corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado, without results. We ourselves have written letters to our Washington State governor, our two Congressional senators, and two major local newspapers - without result, we were totally ignored. 

The police also try hard to help us, but the town is small only 1900 people; and with such a small tax base it is difficult for them to build up the police department. We are considering whom to approach next; perhaps our county commissioners, perhaps an attorney...

Marianne Marianne Jan 19

Thank you for the information, Virginia.

I don't know what to say. I heard about lots of dubious cases and discussions going on in big business, political and other circles - and there were all these fake news scandals ...

Rooster Jan 19

Geez Virginia! I'm sorry to hear this happening but know two other people living in apartments going through a lot of that also.

It seems that when these creeps find easy pickings? They keep coming back. Theses cameras and such should be a mandatory law, especially for the elderly.

There is a brand new complex that.s almost finished not too far from me and I've read the sign for it as an elderly care complex complete with security guards and a gated type community. If they can build them here and guarantee safety measures, why can't they do that there?

It does seem to be a nation wide epidemic that must be stopped. What brave people they must be to steal from the elderly!

Keep writing, someone has got to respond and give you some help!

TheOtherTink Jan 19

That's just awful, Virginia!   The only thing I can suggest is that you keep trying to get as much publicity as possible about this serious issue.  Perhaps a newspaper from a larger city can be persuaded to do some investigative reporting about this widespread problem.  Aside from money, bad publicity is the one thing that will get do-nothing politicians and greedy businesses to take notice.

Yes, O'Tink (and Rooster, Dan and Marianne) that I see this kind of thing is apparently systemic, I am willing to spend more time and effort on it. I have been reading about our nation's history of liberty, and it's a long tradition that "political engagement is the core of rights protection."

Yes, Virginia, evildoers (like vampires) can't stand the light of day.

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