How to become an Inuit?

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A fur trader in northern Canada had had long dealings with the local Inuits, and came to like them so much that one day he asks if he could join the tribe.

The elders tell him that he could, but he must first pass three tests, to see if he is worthy.

1. He has to paddle a kayak across Hudson Bay and back during a winter storm.

2. He has to wrestle and subdue a polar bear with his bare hands.

3. He has to make love to an Inuit woman, and if she approves of his lovemaking skills, he may join.

The trader then proceeds to paddle a kayak across Hudson Bay and back during a fierce storm. He almost drowns many times, but ultimately succeeds the making the hazardous round trip.

He then goes out to look for a polar bear.  The tribesmen soon hear the sounds of a terrific struggle coming from the far side of an iceberg.  Finally, the trader appears, staggering, covered with wounds and gasping for breath, but victorious.  When he has recovered his breath, he says, "OK now, where is this woman you want me to wrestle with?"

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Marianne Feb 6

Lol, T(h)ink, he must have misunderstood something about the polar bear :O:blush: - err - oops :blush::ermm::angel: .... censored!


Indeed he did, Marianne.  :blush: :ermm: :) :D

Marianne Marianne Feb 8

Lol, yes, of course - the part they "don't want to talk about", like in this example - they were three, then two, and "not so bold":

(and if referring to the species, there's also a significant difference of "crushing" weight between a female polar bear and a lioness).


Rooster Feb 6

Ha! Good one Tink! :D :D:D

Virginia Feb 6

Oh no! I was trying to anticipate the punchline, got caught off guard...good one O'Tink! :D  :)  :'(

But it wasn't recorded what the bear thought of his performance.  :blush: :P :) :D

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