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I found this article about Facebook. It could be like that in the USA. In Serbia, Facebook is a dominant social network. Instagram and Twitter are less popular than Facebook. Most people use Facebook. I know only a few people who have Twitter accounts.

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I am not really surprised, as I heard too often from various sources that younger users were looking for other communities and websites - for various reasons.

And your info, Kninjanin, adds another - partly forgotten element: the eternal conflict between generations.

Kninjanin Marianne

I found the articles from 2013 where I read that young people don't use Facebook in comparison to older generations. They like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.


I'm not surprised.  I never liked Facebook, never joined.


Kninjanin, I found this statement in your qz article...interesting! (Oh, and another algorithm...)

"Facebook reported that the number of daily active users in the US and Canada fell for the first time ever, by about 700,000. The company says it is not worried about the drop, since the US market is already so saturated, and because it attributes the decrease to its own, purposeful moves to revamp the News Feed algorithm."