Do you like this website?

+4 votes
Feb 20 in Doubts by Kninjanin (3,696 points)
Yes 5 votes, 100%
No 0 votes

5 Answers

Rooster Feb 21

I sure do! It's the most friendly site that I've ever been on. Not a lot of people but I think that's even better. I feel at home here with the great people. I'm glad to be a part of it!

Marianne Feb 20

Of course and especially our "on-line family".

Kninjanin Marianne Feb 21

I like it. I think that Q&A websites are useful because I can help someone or exchange opinions.

Marianne Marianne Feb 21

Yes, Kninjanin, Q&A websites are useful, and there is a big choice on-line.

But many small quality sites are not cited in the conventional lists.

TheOtherTink Feb 20

But of course:)

HegeMarie Feb 22

Yes, it's a good site.

It deserves more activity than it has right now.

Kninjanin HegeMarie Feb 22


Marianne HegeMarie Feb 26

Hello, HegeMarie, welcome back.


HegeMarie HegeMarie Mar 17

Thank you, Marianne! :D

Virginia Feb 25

Hi Kninjanin, yes I like this site; in fact, it is the only one where I am active now. I actually get better answers here than the other ones I have been on, even though the users are few. 

I liked because it had a steady flow of interesting questions, once you got past all the "am I pg?" questions. I like a wide variety of questions because you learn so much, but that is the only thing I would change if I could!

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