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I see that some people buy Twitter and Instagram followers. I know that there are some websites where people buy them. I don't understand why they want to buy followers. They can get more followers for free without using other websites. 

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That makes no sense to me at all. I like to think of followers as people who like my answers and such. I sure as heck wouldn't "buy" them. I don't understand that either.

I am not quite sure, but that looks much like email and data harvesting, by using followers and their contacts of widely used websites and communities - and that for marketing (or other) purposes.




I think Marianne is correct, it may be done for data harvesting purposes.


Kninjanin, I just happened to see the ads below our answers to your question, :D ...and one of the ads is for "Buy Follower Social Media," another is "Free Instagram Followers," still another is "Get Followers!"

So idk, maybe that does have to do with data harvesting as Tink and Marianne are thinking? Or - do you suppose some people buy followers just to feel more popular?  :silly:  :sideways: I never even heard of that before!

Kninjanin Virginia
Young people want to be popular on social media, especially young girls. Some of them try to be popular buying followers. But majority of them wants to gain followers by selfies.
Virginia Virginia

That makes me feel quite sad, Kninjanin! Buying followers, or trying to use your good looks to gain followers...just to feel popular...