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It's about the Japanese defenders of that rock and it's brilliant General. Super good movie and actually pretty sad at the end.

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I saw recently a scene from this movie (the one with the civilians who's dog was spared) and some others in a discussion about this movie.

Virginia will love to see again the reference to the deeper sense of the German word for "coping with the past", i.e. "Vergangenheitsbewältigung".



No, I haven't seen it, but I'd like to.

It is indeed sad how often in history good and talented people were put in impossible situations by power-mad, or stupid, or corrupt, or cowardly leaders. 


Rooster, I thought I had seen it - until opening the links to see that it was shot recently; in 2006, according to Marianne's link? That means YouTube will not have it yet...I will keep a lookout for it, your suggestions are always very good.

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia: It's a great movie. Well worth watching.