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After many years of official denials, lies and cover-ups, Angela Merkel admits the obvious:  There ARE "no-go zones" in Germany, in areas occupied by you-know-whom.

And if they exist in Germany, they must also exist in many other countries of the EU.


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Yes, Marianne, their lying "discretion" led at least in part to the right-wing AfD gaining 13% of the seats in the Bundestag.  And Merkel's coalition with the SPD (after 5 months of negotiations!) is shaky.  She has no one to blame but herself for these consequences.

Marianne Marianne

Well, T(h)ink, I couldn't help grinning; we'll see how this "shaky" coalition will work.

You might appreciate Chappate's impression:


Virginia Marianne

Marianne and Tink, I appreciate your informative conversation, here...I do recall that gain by the AfD. Voters may not even really want the whole AfD package, but how do you make your concerns heard by government? 

But Marianne, The Berlin wall was meant to keep legal people IN.

Trump's wall is meant to keep illegal people OUT.

Someone should explain that distinction to Chappate.  :D

Yes, Virginia, I agree.

I think the Brexit, Trump, German and Italian elections represent a significant vote of dissatisfaction.


I suppose if you think about it some, we have some of those in some U.S. cities also but not from immigrants. I wondered how long that "Open Border" deal would last before it became a problem for them.

I also agree that they exist in other European countries as well but no one admits it.

A continuing problem that's only going to get worse.

Although there cities in the U.S. that have their "bad" areas, at least the Police can go in there if needed.

I think inside of us all, we know the solution or the beginning of one but do not express it in today's PC correct society.

Yes, Rooster not from immigrants, at least not from immigrants who commit their crimes for claimed religious reasons.


Well O'Tink, I did not really know that Germany was covering-up/lying about the no-go zones?

I just assumed every country had them, based on my experience with USA urban ghettoes, and sometimes also the US reservations for Native Americans...

Well, yes, the German government has been covering-up/lying, Virginia.  Why else would the authorities have been left "speechless" by Merkel's admission? It was a radical departure from the official line.

"German officials have been left speechless by Chancellor Angela Merkel's comment that there are "no-go areas" in the country.

The notion there are places in Germany outsiders — including police — can't visit has previously been dismissed by officials."

The most egregious case of lying and (attempted) cover-up was when German authorities tried to suppress the news of mass molestations of women in Cologne and other major cities in Germany on New Year's Eve a couple of years ago.


And no, the "no-go zones" aren't simply high-crime areas, they are places where, for example, women can't go for fear of being molested (or worse) for being "immodestly dressed" according to Sharia law.
Virginia Virginia

Okay I am seeing the picture now, I think...the point is not so much that there are no-go zones in Germany, it is more that those zones are relatively new, and populated from Germany's open-door policy which admitted so many sharia-based immigrants...?

And from your link, even the news media was initially denying these horrific changes.