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I found different websites where I can share links from internet.

1. link shorteners

2. Link bookmarking

3. Social networks (Reddit, Voat, Linkgum, Tumblr, Twitter...)

My opinion is that link bookmarking websites and url shortener are better than social networks. Link bookmarking websites and url shorteners allow users to save links as private and organize them into folders and categories. Users create their folders, lists, bundles, categories... of links. Social networks like Reddit have have some categories, but the categories are moderated. It is happening that some links are not allowed to be shared on social networks. Sometimes, reasons are not clear. On one of forums, I read that Facebook doesn't allow users to share their own websites. I submitted links to some downloads on Toptopic and my links were removed. Sometimes, Twitter and  Minds did not allow me to share shortened links.

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I haven't looked into them.

Some link bookmarking websites and link shorteners helped me to create my web pages. People don't need to register on these websites to see my pages.

I use Google's link shortener but very rarely need it. Some times when posting Log files on a game that's having a problem but that's about it.

Yes, some websites don't like posting links to other websites and it gets kind of annoying.


Kninjanin, I have used a link shortener on the old Q/A site, Ask.com. I liked working with the homework questions youngsters would post, because I learned so much AND they were a good review, keeping my skills sharpened!

The link shortener I used was from Google, it is https://goo.gl/

The Ask moderators always allowed the shortened link, it seems strange that some sites do not? Some of those links might be ten lines long!


I did not look into them, but these link sharing websites (and shortened links) seem to be quite useful.