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I think that communication on Q&A websites is better than on social networks. When I see someone's social network profile, I see tons of photos and personal information and think what are the interests of the profile owner. Only I can write beautiful and nice and nothing more. Many users are not nice and selfish. On this website, users try to communicate with each other. Answering gives ability to have interesting discussions.

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Dear Kninjanin,

Yes, for me communication is definitely better, and higher quality also, than social networks. But if the site owners are not very very careful, then all the problems Rooster mentions can really bring a Q/A site down.

At one time, I was quite fascinated and delighted about the potential for Q/A sites to bring about international communication, as well as learning, among the people of the world. However I have lost much of that optimism as I watch a few good sites go down when the owners find ways to make more money! So I think a good Q/A site would almost need to be run by a non-profit organization, with the goal of fostering communication and learning among users.

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Also, I have learned that good moderation is very difficult. Most people do not have enough human understanding to moderate well. Rooster is an excellent moderator and he could teach others how to do it, but he did not really have enough say in how that site was run so it turned out extremely difficult for him.

But yes, I definitely agree with you that communication is SO much better on Q/A sites than social networks!

Kninjanin Virginia

Moderation is a problem on social networks. People complain about Facebook and Twitter moderation. Facebook and Twitter delete many profiles and political posts. Many websites are owned by companies and companies earn money from them. It is hard to find a website which is not owned by companies.

Virginia Virginia

Kninjanin, it is both interesting and scary to contemplate the future of the Internet!


I think it is on most Q&A websites but I've watched politics ruining a good site with all the arguments. I've seen and dealt with many selfish and conniving members on sites before and still get bad things said about me for doing my job.

But here? Everyone is so nice and pleasant. This is still my sanctuary site of peace.

Although not in the educational class of some? I still enjoy the heck out of all the people here and do my best.

Good post Kninjanin!

Your best is outstanding, Rooster, that's fer sure.  That's fer dang sure!   :)


Yes, Q&A sites are definitely more interesting. 

The profiles and gossip chat groups on social networks?  No, thank you.  :ermm: :) :D


Hello, Kninjanin, Rooster, T(h)ink, Virginia - your answers provide all the required info - a good job!


I absolutely agree, I don't like talking to people on Facebook or Twitter or other social medias, I like talking to people on Q&A sites. 

Yay Skunky! So nice to see you when you have a chance to stop by...