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I am not surprised with the latest news about Facebook. Facebook asks for almost everything about its users and many users post too many personal photos and information and enjoy doing it. Facebook lost 50 000 000 accounts and it will lose popularity. Similar things can happen to other social networks.

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Yes, I heard about it.  The US liberal media are now making a big fuss about it, but when Obama did the same kind of data mining 5 years ago, they praised him for his "sophisticated" campaign techniques. It was perfectly all right then, when their man did it. :ermm: :D

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Politicians realized the potential of social media. In Serbia, politicians use Facebook and Twitter to accuse each other and some people believe them.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Yes, Kninjanin, you would think that by now, people should realize that what they read on Twitter or Facebook is often unreliable, and often utter nonsense.


Kninjanin, actually I did not know that, and you are the person from whom I learn a great deal about Internet sites, how they work and what is going on. 

As you already know, that is a topic of Interest to me, i.e., the human potential of the Internet, but nobody seems to know how to go about it!


Big reason I never use it. I'm aware of their data mining and they can find out anything they want about you. Sooner or later people are going to wise up on these sites and keep their personal info to themselves. You never really know who or what you are really talking too.

One reason that I use Skype as much as I do for business and with a couple of friends, we can see each other!

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Anyone can find user accounts, hack them and see who users are. Data can be misused.