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Reason to be glad I never joined Facebook?

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Mar 25 in Websites by TheOtherTink (21,066 points)

"If you can’t bring yourself to delete your Facebook account entirely, you’re probably thinking about sharing a lot less private information on the site. The company actually makes it pretty easy to find out how much data it’s collected from you, but the results might be a little scary."

"Be sure to check out the Contact Info tab for a list of everyone you’ve ever known and their phone number (creepy, Facebook)."

3 Answers

Rooster Mar 25

Never joined it and never will. Used it a little on someone else PC and account to talk to my son overseas one time but I want nothing to do with any of those places. I don't have time for it and never have cared for it. Being a PC nut and obsessed with security? No thank you.

Kninjanin Mar 25

It is possible to download data from Facebook. The same option is on Twitter and maybe other social networks. Users like to share their photos and information. They enjoy in likes and comments on their photos. I don't need to share my photos from meetings, weddings...

Virginia Mar 25

Yes Tink that is creepy. I am glad I deleted when I did, and hope all my stuff is REALLY gone, and not down in some cyberhole that can still be mined...although I actually never did post a whole lot there, I suppose. Whew!

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