Anyone heard anything from Marianne? I e-mailed her a while back and haven't heard a word.

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TheOtherTink Mar 27

No, I haven't.  I'm getting worried about her.  I hope she's OK. 

Rooster TheOtherTink Mar 27

@Tink: I hope so too!

Virginia Mar 27

I have not heard from her either. But is she is having delays installing Internet after her move, then she might not receive e-mails either? Unless she gets e-mails on her phone?

Anyway, I also wish she would show up.  

Kninjanin Mar 27

I don't know what happened to her. Maybe, something serious happened to her. I mentioned reasons why she can be inactive. 

Rooster Mar 27

She wrote me this morning and said things have been hectic and her Laptop has come up missing. We'll see her soon! :)

TheOtherTink Rooster Mar 27

Glad to hear she's OK, Rooster.  Thanks.  :)

Marianne Mar 27

Hello to all my friends !

Yes, everything which could go wrong went wrong, and failures, mishaps, too many people on sickness leave, and misfunctions messed up as good as everything. Additionally, I had to go to the hospital for nearly three weeks. I had no Internet access, and a specialist had to come today (finally) to my new home for repairs - several days after I could leave the hospital. And my old cell phone is too old and too slow for Internet. Right now, I have to use another computer, as my laptop with all my links and info is missing (I can only hope that it turns up soon enough).

There would be a lot to tell ...  

Dan Marianne Mar 28

Why did you go to the hospital?

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