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Reckon I'll make some pork chops today as I can't stand Ham and my best lady has a 12 hour shift today.

Happy Easter nice people! 


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I will stay at home.


Mine is very quiet, Rooster...I was going out to be with friends, changed my mind at the last moment...meditation, and maybe some e-mail correspondence (catch-up), and maybe post some questions on SOLVED that I have been thinking about for a while. 

Oh, and I enjoy baking; I might experiment with some new and maybe delicious recipes today!

...and I keep thinking of more things...I have enjoyed the film noir on YouTube, some of those channels are very good, plus there are some excellent documentaries where you can learn lots on diverse topics. So now I am wishing Easter could last two or three days to get all this done... ;)  <3


We are three generations under the same roof this Easter, as me, the kids, my siblings and their kids all gathered at my parents place.

I took three days of vacation last week, and Thursday, Friday and Monday are holidays, so we are enjoying lazy days on a small island, with way too much good food 


Yep, Easter with the parents and kids, including a search for chocolate eggs.  :)