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There is an article from BBC a couple of days ago that says YES. (I thought of Kninjanin when I saw this article, because his impression of social media has not been all that good...)

Anyway, here is a copy-and-paste from the article, could this be true? 

"The UK's top police officer has blamed social media for normalising violence and leading more children to commit stabbings and murders. Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick told the Times social media sites "rev people up" and make street violence "more likely". Fatal stabbings in England and Wales are at their highest levels since 2011."


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*sigh*  Yes, I can believe it.  Social media at the very least make bullying and cruel language easier than if it were face to face, and that has not only driven some poor kids to suicide, but I can believe it could drive others to murder.  :'(

Dark side of Internet, Tink...

It can happen. Hate speech is very often on social media. People think that hate speech doesn't have consequences. It can reflect bad on human relations and on some people.


People can destroy relationships and friendships on social media. Your friend says something bad about you and you get angry. When you see him, you will attack him.

Virginia Kninjanin

Yes that is true, Kninjanin, unfortunately it is true!


Yes, I believe it. Some of the stuff I saw written on the Net News that kids had written to each other on several sites was pretty bad. Bullying and threats seem to run rampant on some of those sites. Yes, that's the dark side all right. Why they do that? I think maybe because they're behind a screen and say what they want. I've seen the cliques on some websites that are close to that. That and silly fads also! It's a shame for those of us who just wish to learn and enjoy themselves.

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