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Somehow, the current media coverage of the "immigrant caravan" in Mexico has neglected to mention that statistically, 80% of the women and girls from Central America are raped before they make it to the US border if they travel overland via Mexico.

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Tink I must believe that Huff Post article to be true...feeling discouraged with the whole world about now, too, but that article is just devastating! The writer says they often realize what is coming on their journey, and take contraceptives. 

But now, of course, when the media's main concern is bashing Trump, they seem to be very quiet about it.


It can happen to girls while they travel to the USA. I believe that there are the similar cases with migrants from the Middle East.


I read about this some the other day and to tell you the truth? It doesn't surprise me in the least. I recently read that Mexicans and Central Americans Do not like each other much and the Mexicans don't want them in their country. This is all pretty strange to me.

Mexicans, Stop Hating on Central Americans - Odyssey

And in particular, Rooster, the Mexicans don't want poor people from south of their border flooding into Mexico (and they have very harsh laws against illegals), but they are quite willing to pass the Central Americans on to Uncle Sap.