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Hey, I just learned the difference between Black and White Rhino. I know they are 2 difference species but just today learned the difference.

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Dan, I saw in the comments below one video that the black rhino is officially extinct...sorrrow.

I learned also they are not only different species, but also different genus! The white rhino likes foliage of acacia trees...someday I may compare acacia between other continents and North America, because we have them here, too, in the deserts of the American southwest and I love them very much, I like to camp by them! (Catclaw acacia here.)


Dan Virginia

No, the black rhino isn't extinct. The species overall is classified as critically endangered (even though the South-western black rhinoceros is classified as vulnerable). Three subspecies have been declared extinct, including the western black rhinoceroswhich was declared extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2011.


Finally got the time yesterday to stop and watch the videos. I've never done any studies on Rhinos before and I learned quite a bit from them. I never knew of the different species. Very interesting.

I visited in the Serengeti Plains Reserve back in the 70's but there were no Rhinos there then. I see they have been re-introduced there some years back and seem to be doing fine. Huge game preserve and I saw lot's of native African animals. Might be worth a trip to see the Rhinos now!



Rare confrontation between a black and white rhino:

The black rhino is lucky that the white rhino is missing his horn. (Was that done by conservationists to prevent his being killed by poachers?)

Dan TheOtherTink

Yes, they seem to remove the horn.


Now I know the differences too!

They are incredible animals, that doesn't look like anything else.

Hope they don't disappear.

The world would become a poorer place without them.