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I found on a Serbian forum that some people abandon Serbia because they hate Serbia. They claim that everything is bad in Serbia. I know that many things are not good in Serbia. I am not responsible for many things happening in Serbia and I cannot change it. I hope you find this kind of people in your country. 

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Hi Kninjanin, yes I am more and more distressed by what I am learning about my country, but I would not abandon it. Maybe people get so emotional with anger and hate because deep down they really love their country?

As I go deeper into old age now, I have even been thinking now that maybe there is always some kind of connection with the place you are born - I know that when I live somewhere else and then come home again, I can feel my heart leap with a kind of joy, all the tall evergreens and even the rain too!

idk, but that is all I can think of at the moment for your interesting question...:cheerful:


Like Virginia, I'm a little disgusted the way this country is tearing itself apart but I would never abandon it. Born here and hopefully die here.

It's not just Serbia, it's all over the world!


Usually when people say they don't like their country, it is because of politics and the way government agencies behave, especially if they are corrupt and do not treat the people they are supposed to be serving well.