Will people start dating robots like having mobile phones?

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May 10 in Society & Culture by Dan (5,358 points)

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Rooster May 11

They probably will in the future. I'm glad I won't be around to see it.

I prefer a real woman myself with their silky smooth skin and inner beauty. I like to date women that are interesting and enjoy a good time naturally without being programmed to do so. Something about a woman's heart that is their true beauty. You can make beauty and brains but not not a true heart. That's what makes women special.

Kninjanin May 11
Maybe, it will happen, but I don't know if female robots can have children.
Virginia May 12

Hi Dan, yes I think it could happen, for some; that a relationship with a woman can be too much work, and robots are an easy way to solve that...

Your question reminded me of the horror movie from 1975, THE STEPFORD WIVES. And checking just now, I saw there was a remake in 2004! I never thought this would be so close, the videos you posted are also like watching an old episode of STAR TREK!

Rooster Virginia May 12

@Virginia: Looks more like the HBO series "Westworld" to me! :D

Virginia Virginia May 12

Rooster, THAT is creepy! ;) ...but it does have Anthony Hopkins...:D  <3

TheOtherTink May 12

That may happen, as part of a robot plan to replace humans, once robots have become superior to humans in every cognitive and physical aspect.

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