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Apparently, the post-modernist worldview is taking hold on some college campuses now, including Evergreen State College in Washington State. 

Post-modernism replaces the scientific worldview, something like this (from Bret Weinstein): "The scientific worldview assumes that we can observe the world, and that we can understand how it works, based on basically the scientific method. 

"The postmodern worldview notices that perception is not objective, and that it is impossible to bypass it as you engage the world, and therefore it wrongly concludes that whatever you come up with in your scientific method, having been filtered through a biased apparatus, is just a narrative that you’re pushing and that it is really no better than any other narrative."

So in in the equity and PC movements on college campuses now, post-modernism seems to mean  that if you simply think someone is out to get you, or if you feel offended, that is just as valid as if there were actual evidence of same.

I myself DO NOT think logic and reason is the only way to understand the world, because to me there is also mystery. However the scientific method is immensely valuable, and irreplaceable within its own paradigm. So either I don't understand post-modernism very well, or it is something rather scary.

Do you have any experience with the post-modern worldview?

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I think that those who create and hold such views are confined to metropolis areas where, the hope is to infect and inculcate as many young malleable minds as is possible before they're exposed for the frauds that they are.  I think the instructive view is, the brief fad of the "wack wall walker," created by a Chinese chap in which, you took his rubber octupus looking thingy and threw it against a wall to see if it stuck there.  I would suggest that, that walker, and this latest creation are of the same fantasy.  It remains to be seen how many jump on the train.  In the intrim.....I surround myself with normal individuals and hope for positive outcomes.

Now back to reality which is already in progress....

Virginia Freeranger

Freeranger...the Wack Wall Walker...?? Often my first belly laugh-out-loud for the day is here on SOLVED, and today that was it... :D :silly: ;)

Yes, I also just mostly smile and move on (rather quickly) when someone cannot discuss only shout you down...and well, I hope this particular train does not gather too many more passengers...wackily walking them walls and such...


Post - modernism is a philosophical and sociological point of view. It is true that the post-modernists don't like the scientifical methods. 

Virginia Kninjanin

Philosophical and sociological both...thank you, Kninjanin!

Virginia Kninjanin

Kninjanin, O'Tink and Rooster...be sure to see Freeranger's post about the Wack Wall Walker!


Not something I'm really educated about but did do a little reading on it. I read the goods and the bads. I still believe in the scientific view, I suppose.

Postmodern worldviews. People with postmodern worldviews tend to acknowledge and value multiple perspectives on reality. They are aware that people see life very differently, and that all these different perspectives are valuable. ... The view of reality is diverse and undefined, characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity.

Although I see the values behind it, I've yet to really see it in action.

Postmodern worldview: qualities and room for growth - Annick de Witt

Virginia Rooster

Rooster, what you found makes it sound better...I do some of that myself...maybe it can be beneficial, and it's just that people can take anything and twist it into something destructive...thank you.

Virginia Rooster

Kninjanin, O'Tink and Rooster...be sure to see Freeranger's post about the Wack Wall Walker!


If science is just a social construct, then maybe I'm only subjectively believing my computer is working right now. Someone else might just as validly conclude otherwise. 

Post-modernism is mostly foolishness dreamt up by pampered faculty with too much time on their hands.  

Virginia TheOtherTink

Tink, based on what I saw in Rooster's link, ima suggest that post-modernism might be an attempt to bring the findings of quantum theory and chaos theory (cf. double-slit experiment) into daily life...you will already know there is a reflection of post-modernism there...

The problem being (as I understand it) that without the foundations of the Renaissance/Reformation, it (post-modernism) is just taking us back into another version of the Dark Ages.

Virginia TheOtherTink

Kninjanin, O'Tink and Rooster...be sure to see Freeranger's post about the Wack Wall Walker!