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Don't forget it's called Memorial Day for a reason. Lest we not forget?

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May 27 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Rooster (10,796 points)

I see people on another site just having fun on a three day week-end, which is fine. But don't forget all those who have fallen for our liberty. 


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Kninjanin May 27
 Every nation should have the memorial days. 
Virginia May 27

I will not forget, Rooster...for my family, it's a time to visit the cemetery remembering everyone who has gone before, with a flag on the grave of every veteran. 

The (young) clerk at the grocery store asked if I had plans to party this weekend, and for a moment I did not even know what he was talking about! My family does gather, and they do have a good time...but not in the sense of partying.

TheOtherTink May 27


For you, dear Colonel John McCrae,

And all who died, I hope and pray,

Will be remembered for all time

In hallowed peace and rest sublime,

Before and since that dreadful day

In Flanders Fields.

Exquisite. <3

Thank you, Virginia. <3

Freeranger May 27

The point was driven home a long time ago when a member of my family never came home.  Believe me, I get it.

Rooster Freeranger May 28

@Freeranger : Same here!

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