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I found a new Q and A website. https://compesh.com/

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I looked at it some and was looking at some of the questions. At least it isn't all politics like some or silly questions like another but it crashed when I was looking at it, so it looks like it needs more work yet. Time will tell if it stays around.


Kninjanin, I also took a quick look, but did not login. If you stay with it, do let us know how it goes? I would like to find another Q/A website...I know Rooster and Tink go on Am-rite occasionally, but their impressions of it do not seem all that good...

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia : No, it isn't all that great. It can be fun watching Tink bug a few people at times and I get a kick out of it but with the political cliques and drama, I think it's just so so.

Besides, I'll be working 6 hours a day soon for Fury Software and I'm real happy about that. So I won't have much time for websites anymore.

Virginia Virginia

Rooster, sometimes I think maybe I will go on Am-rite just to watch Tink apply her deadly limericks onto the trolls...but then I just smile at the thought...haven't gotten around to it yet!

And I hope you will be checking in at SOLVED still...if not, let's please, do be sure we keep in touch. I am SO delighted you have that Fury softward project which delights you!