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ICQ is a messaging app. I use it for 9 months. I found it has existed since 1996. I found a black girl from Comoros a few days ago. I don't have any problems with her. We are searching the same job. I have an impression that she is a serious girl. I communicate with her every day. 

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No, I have not used it.  Good luck with your new friend.  I had no idea so many Africans came to Serbia.


Kninjanin, I have not heard of icq. But now, I am going to look at it, thank you.


I've never seen or heard it used here before. Looks a lot like Skype or some of the other messaging apps. I use Skype daily for work and a couple of friends.Best of luck to you with this lady, guy. You never know what can happen in time. <3


It doesn't seem like a fake girl or a scammer.


ICQ has chat rooms and they have good moderation. Spam is deleted in chat rooms. I don't see scammers. ICQ has a lot of nice users.