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This YouTube video is WAY too long for most of us, I realize...but it was fascinating to me, I have watched it twice and will prolly look a 3rd time...it gives an understandable explanation of the current thought process underpinning SJW, and other 'liberal' (so-called) movements...so here are some interesting points...

Niall Ferguson is an historian, and I have read two of his books, around 2008 I think...his assessments to me were fascinating, helpful...but it seems he has a conservative bias to history. And he found himself a part of this web by default, because he got attacked based on his reputation as a conservative rather than evaluation/discussion of his ideas.

So apparently, Bret Weinstein (liberal/progressive) would be defaulted to the Intellectual Dark Web also, because he is open to discussion, dissent, and exchange of ideas opening to the possibility you could be wrong and might learn something.

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There is SO much here, I learned so much. For example, this interview gives some insight on why my idealist hopes for the Internet have not unfolded as I envisioned. Also, the sinking feeling I have had that these 'leftist' movements (so-called) resemble the superstitious non-thinking persecutions of the Middle Ages and even later...example the Spanish Inquisition, maybe? Or, pogroms against Jewish people because people blamed them for the Black Plague? Bloody Mary burning-at-the-stake Protestants while praying for their souls?

THE CONCERN: I thought that the Age of Reason brought us into something more wholesome...what has happened? Why are we going through all this, why are people who discuss and question and dissent, why are they getting marginalized now, why are they seemingly in a minority, called the Intellectual Dark Web?

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Any time I've ever been on the dark or deep web, I haven't seen too much in the way of intellect there but I was usually there looking for someone or some info that you couldn't find on the regular web. I never stay on it long enough to really look for these things but maybe the next time that I have time to really go through some of it, I'll find some of this stuff. The dark web can get kind of dangerous without a VPN to start with.

I'll have to come back later in the day and watch the whole video just to see what he is talking about.


Virginia Rooster

Yes, I looked once also on Ask when Didge gave us a link to it Rooster...but I do think this Intellectual Dark Web is something different...I had never heard of it...but this doesn't really have anything to do with the Internet...?


No, I hadn't heard of it.  Ferguson gives an excellent account of how the lunatic left has taken over in many university departments, by Fabian means, although I don't think he used that term.

And he is right that the unquestioned articles of faith of the lunatic left resemble those of a religious cult.  But of course, that was also true of much of Marxism-Leninism.

Virginia TheOtherTink

Well Tink, I ALWAYS assumed I was clearly left...now, ima thinkin' that, like Weinstein, if I ever opened my mouth to THESE lefties, I would get firmly booted out...as Weinstein did...so now we all have to go underground, if we ever dare to actually (shudder) USE a brain cell...

I heard the term "Intellectual Dark Web" from Weinstein, now was glad to find this video explaining more...looks like the R and L, anyone who questions/debates/dissents, are kinda covertly finding each other there...8-)

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

You got that right, Virginia.  The lefties in question have no use for anyone who thinks critically.


Yes, I am not familiar with it.