The quintessential Backpfeifengesicht?

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Jul 4 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (21,204 points)

When I saw this scoundrel testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, I couldn't help thinking that he has the very epitome of a Backpfeifengesicht, a face made to be slapped, one of Virginia's favorite German compound words. :)


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Virginia Jul 4

Tink I don't think I like any of ' is what I found about Jim Jordan, the one going after Rosenstein who I don't understand what they are talking about anyway...

"Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the most powerful conservatives in Congress, has denied reports that he ignored the alleged sexual abuse of athletes while he worked as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University more than 20 years ago."


(Still do like the word though.)

I don't like either of them either, Virginia, but the facts in the Rosenstein case are quite straightforward: he has been stonewalling documents that the oversight committee has wanted to see for over a year now, under the pretext of national security. It has turned out on more than one occasion that it wasn't "national security" at all, but facts embarrassing to the FBI and/or the Mueller investigation, like Stzrok's blatant anti-Trump bias. I think Rosenstein should be cited for contempt of Congress.

And, yes, I saw these allegations about Jordan. And they surface to make the news a week or so after he raked Rosenstein over the coals?  Coincidence?  Hmmm.... :D

Virginia Virginia Jul 5

Oh oh, I did not pick up on the timing of the "reports."

Getting pretty sick of all that, actually it's more worry, I think, even some deep can all this go until some kind of explosion? 

Maybe I have been watching too much Russian revolution, World War I events...why can't we get dedicated honorable people in government who know what they are doing?

Rooster Jul 4

Both look like creeps to me! Glad it's Florida.

At least out here? We already know who is going to win and probably by a landslide. The Republicans have a lousy candidate that even I wouldn't vote for.

This year? I just might sit out this state's elections.

Florida?  I don't get it.  :unsure:

Rooster Rooster Jul 4

@Tink : I was looking at the captions on the bottom of the video. Oooppss! :angel:

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