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Because I dislike President Trump very much, I have been looking for hopeful signs that somehow we are going to come through this (his presidency) okay.

Today, I found this question answered by George Heuston, who is the first new friend I made on Quora and whom I like/respect very much. He helped me figure out what was going on with the possible "soft coup" attempted by unethical people at the top of the FBI, and George Heuston himself was a special agent with the FBI for a long time.

Anyway, this link is GH positive comment on The Orange One and his approach to NATO, and it is positive, what do you think and do you agree?


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I think GH has it basically correct.

Other US Presidents have noted that European NATO members are paying less than they should, but Trump is the first to make a noisy public issue of it.  Maybe that is what is will take, since there are no official penalties for members contributing less than 2% of GDP.


Tink, I found that article/opinion helpful. It felt like he was attempting an accurate assessment, rather than extremes of Trump-worship or Trump bashing:

"We can certainly debate President Trump’s approach, yet setting that aside for the moment, the underlying premise of his argument is a legitimate one that former presidents have made going all the way back to the 1960's. I have long admired President Trump’s leadership and ability to stand in the gap where other presidents have demurred to state what is right for the direction of the country. But attacking Germany, publicly questioning commitments from other countries, and making rhetorical claims that don’t hold up under further analysis are not deft negotiating tactics. They merely appear as bullying rants."


As I'm just reading a book about NATO and Russia? This all makes sense to me.

Mr Heuston is correct in his assessment.

Germany is paying Russia for their energy needs and most of the countries do not pay their percentage of money due and the U.S. had been picking up the bill for years!

I really don't think that NATO would mobilize forces should Russia decide to take back the Baltic states. With the exception of Poland, the other countries would just sit back and watch and that's what Russia is looking forward too.

It's time for the other nations to pay their 2% and rise to 4% equally. We've bailed out Europe way too many times for no appreciation nor repayment of funds. That money needs to stay here where it belongs!


Virginia Rooster

Rooster, I read your comments three times, ty.

The map is fascinating, to see who has joined and when. And Sweden still not a member.


I remember that Trump promised that NATO will disappear but I don't believe. 

Virginia Kninjanin

Kninjanin! That is amazing...ty, I have not kept up well, I did not know that.


The U.S doesn't have any thread from any of the countries including Russia. The Eastern European countries have a thread from Russia. It is up to the people of U.S to decide how to spend their money. I heard even the strongest European economy Germany not paying 2% of their GDP to NATO.