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Do you know that there are spam jobs?

3 Answers

TheOtherTink Aug 7

I never really gave it much thought, but I suppose it makes sense.

With so much spam around, there must be people who make spamming their job. How much does such a job pay? :angel: :D

Virginia Aug 7

Hi Kninjanin,

I did not really know how the spamming was organized, and so no, I did not really realize there were such jobs you could apply for as such!

But here, from your link, is part of the job description, and it certainly does appear to be spamming, in very dignified and official language...

  • Test pending campaigns within all browsers/web configurations
  • Analyze usability and compatibility across devices
  • Follow standard process to import data lists from various sources, including validating and cleaning lists prior to upload to maintain good database hygiene
  • Optimize data quality using automated programs to perform regular data hygiene activities
Rooster Aug 7

Yes, I've seen sites and places like this for the last few years. Like Virginia said: Very well written to appeal to people to fall into their grasp! Get enough of it on the phone and e-mail to have my fill.

No thank you!

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