For pure exuberance of existence, was there ever anything like Beethoven?

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Aug 8 in Arts & Humanities by Virginia (7,565 points)

Here you have, Beethoven Ninth in Tokyo, flash mob style, it's marvelous!

And then just to be certain we get enough of the Ninth, below that is the version Other Tink found, with Mean Mary James and her brother Frank, with Ode to Joy in Dueling Banjos! The Mean Mary one has more than 980,000 hits and I think at least 80,000 of those hits are mine...

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Kninjanin Aug 8

There are many videos about the Ninth Symphony on Youtube. I listened some of them. Search André Rieu.

TheOtherTink Aug 8

Beethoven is indeed my favorite, but Shiva's dance is way up there too.

Oh she is lovely, Tink

That she is, Virginia!  <3

Rooster Aug 8
Virginia Rooster Aug 8

Oh Rooster I remember this! ...and I just checked, it was 1956...8-)  <3

Chuck Berry THE BEST

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