Do you talk to Animals ?

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Jan 2, 2016 in Fun & Humor ☻ by NoLongerHere (6,142 points)

I do , Love having a chat with next doors Dog JB and tbh I don't Trust anyone who can't have a natter with a 4 Legged Friend  lolz they're too Guarded and Care too much what others Think of them.

I'd rather be Nutz and talk to Dogs, Cats and Squirrels etc , than be anyone who doesn't . 

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Didge Jan 2, 2016
Of course I talk to animals. Heck, I even talk to my computer. I'm just a talking fool. But whereas my computer always ignored me (until Cortana arrived on the scene, anyway) animals always acknowledge me and show their appreciation. Unless they're cats. Cats are social misfits. Rather like me. :-/
NoLongerHere Didge Jan 2, 2016
lolz  I kept saying  "Cortana" every time I asked her something and She said

"that's my Name don't wear it out"   She's Sassy  XD
Didge Didge Jan 2, 2016
It's clever programming. I have fun with her.
amberleechoo Jan 2, 2016
It have happened.
Rooster Jan 2, 2016

I talk to my Hound dog all the time ! He talks back too ! Where he learned that language, I'll never know ! 

NoLongerHere Rooster Jan 2, 2016
ahhhhh   you're Hound Doggy is so Cute  lolz   Rooster , it's all in the Eyes with our 4 Legged Friends

thanks for posting him
Rooster Rooster Jan 2, 2016
He's my boy ! Ornery little turd but I love him ! :)
Platinum Jan 2, 2016
I agree babe I talk to izzy all the time...we have an
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 2, 2016
lolz  I can just imagine
Bruno56 Jan 2, 2016
Yes...I enjoy talking to many kinds of animals...even the human kind sometimes.
NoLongerHere Bruno56 Jan 2, 2016
lolz Bruno
Jan 2, 2016
Of course.
Zolfie Jan 2, 2016

Well it's a good thing you must rather be nutz, but whether you like it or not, you are very nuts wink


But yeah on bad days I used to go over to my neighbors yard line and if their dog was out, she would see me and come rushing over wanting to be petted and she always seemed to have a way to cheer me up and I pet her and talk with her, and after a while, she's get excited and jump up go spin around 2 or 3 times and come hard charging back only to dodge out of the way at the last second and come cuddle up to be petted some more... I miss her.

NoLongerHere Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
Next doors Dog JB almost Cracked my Jaw last year , he runs up jumps on my Lap and thinks he's still a Puppy.
He's Solid Muscle and he knocked me on my ass   lolz
Zolfie Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
I think I'd like him :D
NoLongerHere Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
My Neighbor taught him to take her socks off but he used to pull me around my Trampoline pulling on my onsie thinking they were socks    lolz

He has me in hysterics
Zolfie Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
Now I know I'd like him... PULL off the onsie JB!!! GET THAT OVER SIZED SOCK OFF! :D

Sounds like a fun dog :-)
NoLongerHere Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
hahaha    he is great fun , so Naughty as a Puppy , he pulled my Birkenstocks off when I was asleep and chewed them to bits under the Trampoline
So glad he's past that Teething stage  XD
Zolfie Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
You mean he's no longer naughty? :-( :P

yeah that teething stage can be a problem, though sometimes they still rip stuff up later in late as well.
NoLongerHere Zolfie Jan 7, 2016
He's Calmed down lolz
he would hump a cushion and then chew it to bits
I had to put the Kids Shoes and mine etc  in HANGING FLOWER BASKETS to out smart the Little Bugger  XD
Zolfie Zolfie Jan 8, 2016
haha sounds like he was a naughty boy :P
HeyCameron! Jan 2, 2016
Sure, I always talk to them. They might not understand what I'm saying, but they can respond to the tone of my voice. Plus sometimes they're just so cute you have say something lol
dru tiger Jan 2, 2016
You bet I do! And I am positive that they understand what I am saying.
NoLongerHere dru tiger Jan 7, 2016
lolz  They understand us , shame we can't understand them
Steven Jan 3, 2016

My dog died sad

NoLongerHere Steven Jan 7, 2016
ahhhhh  I'm sorry Steven

Bruno lost his Dog just before Xmas
his Wolf

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