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I know it happens occasionally but it's kind of odd. Like only half is working!


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I minified all CSS and javascript files of this website for faster loading. It might have caused some error. I have also activated "PWA" for this website. Not sure which causes the error.

Now users can add this website to their smartphone just like an app. Light weight.

So, is it only the voting which is not working? I can vote though. I can see some icons are not showing and I will fix it soon. I have removed the "related questions" after the answers since it is slowing down the webpage.


I see cloudflare when I sign in and I have to sign in twice.

Dan Kninjanin

It is a security feature to stop spam bots. It just checks whether the user has a valid browser (or) any automated program.

Rooster ago

Still have to sign in twice to vote. It keeps saying to reload the page but that doesn't work. I can vote once but then have to log out and log back in to vote again. Strange but I know you'll get it fixed! :D

Rooster ago

I've logged in and out a could of times and reloaded the page but still can't vote on anything. Bummer! :'(

Please reload the page then try again

Dan Rooster ago

Are you using www.ihavesolved.com or ihavesolved.com

And are you using it on pc or mobile?

Rooster Rooster ago

www.ihavesolved.com on a PC. Still getting that message when I try to vote.

Please reload the page then try again

Dan Rooster ago

I have to figure out which causes the problem. Also, I have other works to do. So, I will fix it as soon as possible. But it might take up to 10 days.

Dan Rooster ago

I think the problem is fixed now.

Rooster Rooster ago

Not completely, Dan. I voted for two answers and it went back to Please reload.

We know you're busy,Dan. Work on it when you can.

No problem, we'll live!  :D