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Do you like to have a lazy morning in or.....go out to breakfast with friends & family?

I like to do both actually.  Sometimes....I roll out and make my bacon, eggs, toast & coffee(that will float an iron wedge----gotta be perc!) at home.  But lately, I have gotten in to this toss up between this little blue collar diner a short drive from home or rolling down to the beach where I can enjoy the ocean with breakfast.

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Keep it simple if possible.

Few examples are:


Granola Bar


As we live out in the sticks here, we generally have a nice breakfast on the week-ends. No where within at least 30 miles to go out but my wife is a great cook. With two teen daughters, it's generally some fruit or something.


I don't eat big breakfasts... I'm usually not really hungry until lunchtime.

I understand