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Just a bit of history on toys. They are said to have been made even before history was being documented, with the first being said to have existed as early as 3000 BC. The very first toys were a lot less imaginative and were mainly based on things that had already been in existence, such as animals. With time and with man's innovation, a wider range became available, and the children of the '60s had quite a bit to choose from.

Quiz Link: https://play.howstuffworks.com/quiz/91-people-cant-identify-these-60s-toys-just-one-image-can-you-pch

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46 out of 46. :)
Jazzy TheOtherTink ago

Thanks Tink for taking the quiz. :-)

37 out of 46!

They were toys I recognized from the 90's, they were also a lot of guessing involved to, most of them easy. One I didn't 'read' correctly.

Jazzy EternalSailorSol ago

Thanks ESS for taking the quiz. :-):

You are welcome.