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A Survival guide. After 25 years in the Marines and been to so many survival of the fittest countries, I would make a good Survival guide.

Jazzy Hitman

Thank you for your service, protecting America and all people within.

It is not that easy in Canada, as the government is questionable. I don't know a lot of what they are doing, but I do worry about some small businesses. 

I would sell some of my paintings, once I have enough of them, I don't. I gave some away, which didn't help matters. But I have a big heart.

I doubt it is going to work out (for some reasons) but I would (please respect the fact I have a religion), start a group for people with disabilities, with some help from others, that share the same religion. There is at least one group (somewhat) like that already, which is one of the reasons, why.

Jazzy EternalSailorSol ago

Sounds wonderful. May all your dreams come true. Blessings to you always. :-):-)

Thanks, the silly thing won't let me give you a thumbs up.