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Cars are a unique cultural feature, one that changed society in dramatic ways. First of all, they are more than transportation, they are an investment. Some cars retain their value very well, while others hemorrhage money the moment they are driven off the lot. The existence of cars dominates the landscape, with all roads built for them, and all traffic laws designed around them. Cars are beloved for their personalities the way pets are, but no one ever prized a 50year-old "classic horse".  Perhaps most strikingly, some cars' industrial design reaches the level of art, with looks that endure for decades, inspiring imitation and admiration alike.

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1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Out of the hundreds of classics, we decided you are the third generation of the Pontiac Firebird: the Trans Am. This car dates back to when Knight Rider made the marque famous, despite the fact that several KITT cars on the show were actually Corvettes made to look like Trans Ams. The Trans Am was one of the great "wedge cars"; the first automobiles developed in a wind tunnel, designed to take advantage of aerodynamics and more efficient engines in an age of enduring anxiety after the fuel crises of the 1970s.
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