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Very much so! I've lost many good friends in combat over the years but I still see their faces. Leaves you feeling very empty inside.

Online? Not too much as I really don't have a lot of online time.

Right now, I'm just concentrating on my Dad and hoping he comes back to us!

Sorry, to hear about that. I hope that he does come back, as well.


When someone leaves me online, I don't care about it because don't know who he/she really is. In real life, Ialso don't care too much. Often, people are not sincer. They lie that they like someone but they don't like him/her.

I do get sad. I ain't the type that lies. I am the type that gets lied to though.

Hi, Lil Princess. I also get sad, as well. I understand, what it is like to get lied too as well. 

By the way, how are you doing? 


Yes, of course, but online is nothing like in real life.