Would you like to see who is giving you UP votes?

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Jan 2, 2016 in Suggestions by Bruno56 (5,164 points)

I would like to know who likes me...How about you?

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Dan Jan 3, 2016
Dan Jan 6, 2016
That doesn't appear for me, Dan. (the graphic you posted did, but the information it shows does not come up in a pop up)
Dan Dan Jan 6, 2016
I didn't notice it is available only to editors but I will make it visible for members soon.
Platinum Jan 2, 2016
Not really bothered about up votes but would like to see who down votes...
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 2, 2016
I've not seen a Problem with DV's on this Site so far
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 2, 2016
lolz every time I come back on , there is something New
what's this Blue tick all about I wonder
Platinum Platinum Jan 2, 2016
Must have just happened ...where you been over the dark side...
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 2, 2016
No I have to limit my time , over on the DARKSIDE!!!!   lolz  10 mins today at most
Platinum Platinum Jan 2, 2016
Just logged on to see what's happening...nothing changes..
StarzAbove Platinum Jan 3, 2016
I agree John, and they are still posting on your Merry Christmas post.   I'm so sick of those morons always causing trouble.
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 3, 2016
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 3, 2016
Liked your response to them
NoLongerHere Platinum Jan 3, 2016
They pulled your Xmas post , they were getting rude
Didge Jan 2, 2016
Normally, no: it doesn't matter. But once in a while, especially if I give a jokey answer, it'd be nice to know who was voting.
NoLongerHere Didge Jan 2, 2016
I totally agree Didge , it just enriches the Social Networking experience
amberleechoo Jan 2, 2016
Yeah I would actually.
Suyanto Tirta amberleechoo Jan 4, 2016
Freeranger Jan 2, 2016
It's why I asked the initial question?
Ancient_Hippy Jan 2, 2016
Yes, I'd like to see who up voted but I think showing down votes could cause some controversy and retaliation.
NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy Jan 2, 2016
I don't think DV's are going to be an issue on here
at least I hope not
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy Jan 2, 2016
It would be cool to see but I heard what went on at Ask when they had a down vote and it wasn't pretty.
NoLongerHere Jan 2, 2016

lolz I know who likes me but I wanna see my Followers 

Hell I admit it , sometimes I'm Shallow  :P

Freeranger NoLongerHere Jan 2, 2016
Hah.....far from shallow.  It's a universal reflection for us all whether we fess up or not.
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere Jan 3, 2016
lolz  thank you and that's True actually F.R

We Buy a New Coat for eg , we want People to say  "that Coat is Gorgeous"  little affirmations are made all the time and for us to deny we don't like them is false.
Suyanto Tirta NoLongerHere Jan 4, 2016
Good,.. you're the star...lol
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere Jan 4, 2016
lolz  *hugs*
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere Jan 11, 2016
hahaha   some Cheeky Fucker just gave me a dv   :P
StarzAbove Jan 3, 2016
Yes, I would definitely like to know.
NoLongerHere StarzAbove Jan 3, 2016
Me to , me to
I wanna know when you vote for me  lolz
Oh_No_Its_Him StarzAbove Jan 8, 2016

Marianne Jan 3, 2016
Yes, please - and thank you!

It would allow to say thank you!
NoLongerHere Marianne Jan 3, 2016
Yes it does , you're right M
Marianne Marianne Jan 3, 2016
Thank you.
Suyanto Tirta Marianne Jan 4, 2016
I want to know
Marianne Marianne Jan 12, 2016
Lol - me too!
Marianne Marianne Jan 12, 2016

Your sentence is perfect (i.e. correct), you only forgot the full stop (.) or the exclamation mark (!).

When using the polite form, you will have to form your sentence with the conditional "would ..." (past of will, and the corresponding verb, in this case like), i.e.

"I would like to know."
Suyanto Tirta Marianne May 16, 2016

thanks for the correction

Steven Jan 3, 2016
I think it would be cool

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