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I dropped my flip phone and have lost the screen images but can still make and receive calls. Is it possible for provider to call my number or hack into the phone to retrieve those numbers and pictures? I wanted to know before I call them to ask. LH

Update several hours later: I went to a local Verizon store and I was told it was the flex cable and Verizon would not fix it but since I could still use the phone they referred me to another company that may be able to reconnect the "mother board" to the screen. Fingers crossed, LH

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Screen images may be lost forever.

Ladyhorse Kninjanin

:( 


Your update sounds like a good bet. :)

Thank you Tink...when I didn't see any replies here I had to put on my thinking cap! The Verizon store is only about three miles away but the other store is over eight and, as you are aware, I'm not in the best condition to go that far and wait for who knows how long. I have to prepare for that trip! Not good timing now :sick:.


Hope, they can recover it for you :)

Ladyhorse Dan

Thank you Dan, me too...I just have to get down there, which is gonna take awhile.:unsure: