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We all know how an elephant or lion looks like. But there were a vast variety of animals which had extinct before us. (which includes Neanderthals, ancestors of whales which walked on earth, dinosaurs, first living cells).

On the other hand, we have so many Exoplanets which we can't see. We can't see the surface of those planets. So if you want the video of either one of these then which will you pick?

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I would much rather see a lot of the creatures that went extinct. Except for the dinosaurs and insects but some of the ancient creatures are fascinating.

Pure speculation on those other planets but someday maybe we will see them.



I would like to see Neanderthals and extraterrestrials from exoplanets if they exist. 


Well, if the exoplanet has life on it, I would rather see that planet.

But I think the chances of that being the case are exceedingly small.