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Just the Hajis in Iraq!

Otherwise, I face anything straight up and deal with it. Never ran away from anything.


Do you mean like running away from home?

No, I never have.


No, not that I can think of but my mind is still a bit fuzzy.

I don't think I've run away from anything in my life except maybe my ex wife!

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Nope, I'm happy with my life


No, I don't think I have run away from anything.  I have ended some bad situations over the years and made some new beginnings, but not without facing the pain and working through it.  I've tried to bloom where I'm planted.  ;)

Hi Jan!

Hi Starz!


sort of.  The short version:  I was in a bad situation with a career going nowhere and recently divorced.  I was looking at a house to buy and settled on two possible - - - or changing my location altogether.  Got a job offer 2500 miles away.  Asked my boss why I wasnʻt promoted to the job I was trained for.  His reply: " We thought you would get married again and leave and we wanted someone permanent".  Three weeks later I was 2500 miles away with my two kids and an entirely new career that was the best move I think I ever made.

postnote:  They tried three men before they found one that was "permanent" and three women before they replaced me! :)