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Thought it would be fixed by now. Oh well.


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I can't figure out which causes the problem. So, it might be still there.

TheOtherTink Dan


TheOtherTink Dan

Yes, it's still there.

Strangely, it's just the first reply to a comment that can't be voted on. :ermm:


Yeah, they're pretty stupid all right.

Must have been mostly the lower half that voted for Hillary. :D


I wasn't able to upvote a reply this morning.  I'm also now unable to upload videos ... not sure if it's the site or just my computer.

... (this reply can't be voted on, but the next one can)

Let's see if youtube works.

Yep, it works. The video seems not to appear right away, but if you refresh, you will see it.
Dan JanHaskell
@JanHaskell, there is no option here to upload videos. But you can paste the youtube video link. The link will turn into a playable video.

Thanks!  Let's see if I can do it.

Yay! :D

Hitman JanHaskell

There ya go!