How much do you enjoy flying with airplane?

+6 votes
Jan 2, 2016 in Travel by amberleechoo (19,060 points)

I love it! 3 votes, 27%
I like it 2 votes, 18%
I like it pretty much 1 vote, 9%
It´s okay 3 votes, 27%
Don´t like it so much 1 vote, 9%
Don´t like it 1 vote, 9%
Other 0 votes

12 Answers

Didge Jan 3, 2016
That would depend on its size. In a small aircraft that rides the air so precariously that you wonder how the heck it stays up there, it's fun; but in a jumbo jet it's about as exciting as riding in a bus. But I gotta confess, I love the rush as it accelerates to take off. Once it gains altitude and levels out it's a bit ho-hum.
amberleechoo Jan 3, 2016
I love it!
I´m always excited when I´m going to spend time flying to a place.
HeyCameron! Jan 3, 2016
Don´t like it so much
I like it because of the places I can go. I don't actually like flying and I'm really glad when it's over.
Ancient_Hippy Jan 3, 2016
I love it!

I love flying, unfortunately I can no longer fly commercial flights. No, I'm not on the "do not fly" list. I can only fly at low altitudes.

Marianne Jan 3, 2016
I like it pretty much
I love to see the landscapes from above - like a "geographical map", but there were often clouds - lol.
Platinum Jan 3, 2016
It´s okay
For me it's the getting there, don't like all the hassle at airports...beam me up scotty...
Steven Jan 3, 2016

I never fly sad

lucythetooth Jan 3, 2016
It´s okay
It gets me where I need to be, but at 6'1", I don't fit in those cramped, little seats very well, so it's not much of a comfortable ride.
HegeMarie Jan 3, 2016
It´s okay
Depends a lot on which airline I travel with, and the length of the journey.
bekyoo Jan 4, 2016
I like it
But I don´t love it.

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