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When I was in high school and you were taking college prep courses, typing class was mandatory. I sucked so bad at typing that the teacher just passed me to get rid of me.
BenjiC01 Ancient_Hippy
Was this typing done on a keyboard or a typewriter?
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Computers weren't invented yet. First semester typing was taught on a manual typewriter, second semester it was on electric typewriter.
Yeah, I'm THAT old!!!!
dru tiger Ancient_Hippy
Same here. I could never get past 35 words a minute.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
35 WPM sounds pretty good to me.
I have really big hands and I just couldn't control them on the little typewriter.
dru tiger Ancient_Hippy
I can see where that might be a problem.
My hands are pretty small, but my brain just couldn't keep up. LOL! One of my sisters can type 90 words a minute with no mistakes.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Whoa, that's quick.
dru tiger Ancient_Hippy
Yeah, and she had these really long nails, which you would think would get in her way. I don't get it. LOL!
41071 Ancient_Hippy
I typed 75 wpm on my Windows 98 desktop while my brother typed over 100 wpm with barely any mistakes
Math, have always been bad at it.
BenjiC01 amberleechoo
Same :)
That would be Math too.
BenjiC01 bekyoo
Same here.
Math as well. I'm not bad at it exactly, but I have to work harder at it than any other subject. I prefer history and English and Latin.
BenjiC01 HeyCameron!
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Fuzzy Corona
Anthropology 101, as it was the only class that I both gave a shit about and failed
BenjiC01 Fuzzy Corona
That's a shame.
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona
anything math related.  major suckage
BenjiC01 Freeranger
Yeah. Same here. It frustrated me something terrible.
dru tiger
Math. I think it is boring and it doesn't like me too much either.
BenjiC01 dru tiger
Math seems to be a common one. I never was good at it and it frustrated me.
dru tiger dru tiger
I took College Algebra last year, and I was totally out of my element.  I passed but only because a lot of people helped me.
Skunky Stinkerson

All of them, i hated school so much.


It was always Math.


I hated typing class as well. The typing was done with an Underwood typewriter. Yes I'm from the 60s and I'm old. As long as I could remember, I'm one of the slowest typist in class